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Tape In Extension Vs Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Is Tape In Hair Extension as same as SKin Weft Tape Hair Extensions ?

Absolutely NOT

But Nowways ,most people confuses tape in extensions and Skin Weft Hair extension.

They called Skin Weft Hair Extensions as Skin Weft Tape hair extensions / Tape skin weft hair extension… or called them both are tape hair extensions or tape weft skin hair extensions or others.

In fact,  Although the two products are very similar, they actually have several big difference:

Different production Progress:

Tape in extensions is used glue to hold hair together.

Skin Weft is hand sewn every Hair Strand hooked on a thin layer of polyurethane, so that hair looks grow from the human scalp.

Easily to achieve a more voluminous look and a seamless finish! 

SKIN WEFT Hair Extensions Backside  

2. Usetime:

Skin Weft can be re-used indefinitely , hand sewn made it’s long lifetime, More solid, not easy to loosen .

Tape In Hair Extensions, because it’s hold by glue, the gum will loosen and the hair will fall off after you used longer time.

3. More flexible hairstyle design .

Tape Hair and Skin Weft both them are good at give you more hair style choice than any other hair extension method .

But SKINW Weft Hair is more better .

Look from pics ,Skin weft hair is hooked on the polyurethane ,so you can cut hair into small pieces , even 1cm or 2 cm or 3 cm wide hair strand to make highlights.

You don’t need worry hair fall off .


4.Another point,  more choice to do DIY .

You can extend Skin weft to Skin Weft Clips Hair Extensions and Skin Weft Micro Ring Hair Extensions

clip on skin weft hair   micro rings on skin weft hair extensions

5.   Skin weft is much more Invisible Than Tape In hair extension .


6. Price .

Because Skin Weft is hand sewn , so it’s expensive than tape hair extensions.

If you don’t have enough budget ,tape In Hair Extensions is can be acceptable .

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