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TartePro Eyeshadow Palette + Deep Eye Makeup

The color of this eye shadow plate is very beautiful, and it is more comprehensive.

If you are the girl who is too lazy to turn the various colors , i think  this eye shadow have the most the practical colors for you.

Just like  I have this plate in hand,  all colors eye shadows i have .

Although it has a lot of colors, it is easy to control for beginners, also it is enough to pick the same row of color paintings.

The powder is very good, 16 colors of matte are almost not have flying powder, and the four polarized colors are quite soft.

The most worthy of praise is that the 20 colors are already have been paired into 4 different color styles ,  and the 4 different color style is impeccable, match very well .

Painting colors should be very light , because the colors is easy to emerge.

Beautiful or not ?

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