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“The group’s longest hair woman” issued by Big World Guinness.

In the deep mountains of northern Guangxi, there are such a group of women:

Dressed in bright clothes, laughing sounds like a bell, did not fear the shame of strangers. The mountains gave them a lively and unrestrained nature.

Long hair such as a plate, Black hair color as paint. Even if the face is full of years of gully, Hair still full of black brightness.

This is a place called Huang Luo Yao Zhai. Located in the northern mountainous areas of Guangxi Long sheng Autonomous County.

This group of women is called Hong Yao women.

china long hair women

China long hair

Because of these group women, they created Huang Yaoyao’s reputation as the world’s first long-haired village.

The No.1 Long Hair Village in the world has no grey hair , even the oldest women in the Village, has no grey hair.

china long hair group in the world

Huang Luo Yao Zhai was famous for Hong Yao Women, and Hong Yao Women was famous for their long hair by world.
According to legend, in ancient times, the long hair is the life of Hong Yao’s women , they will not easy to unravel, except for shampooing. Only the husband had the right to watch and caress. However, modern life has broken down the traditional constraints.

Red Yao women have a fixed hairstyle throughout their lives.
Regardless of age, all hair should be coiled up on the head.
For them, hair is just like your own body, and it cannot be easily cut.
They began to store hair from the age of twelve, and after a certain length they can cut their long hair and collect them.

cut long hair


For adult Red Yao’s woman, everyone has three bundles of hair.
The first bundle is the one that was cut at the age of eighteen.
The other bundle is one that is usually dropped and picked up and bundled.
The other bundle is the hair already existing on the head.
These three bundles of hair are packed on the head every day.

long hair

In the hearts of Hong Yao women, long hair has a very important significance, it was a symbol of longevity and prosperity, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.
Red Yao women not only have long hair, but it is difficult to see gray hair in black and white.

They use wooden combs to comb their hair and carefully comb them. And Instead of using modern shampoos, they suggest that If you want to keep your hair long and dark and bright, you don’t have any secrets. It’s very simple. it’s always washed hair with washing water of rice .For each time of washing, the long hair shoud be first soaked in the rice water for a period of time to allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients, and then washed with mountain water and combed to dry.

In Hong Yao Village, there are about 120 adult females, more than 80 females have hair above 1.4 meters and the longest is 1.8 meters.

In 2002, they were awarded “Women with Longest hair group” by Shanghai Big World’s Ghine headquarters.

This “certificate” make the first Long Hair Village was famous in the world.

Anyway, no matter with hair extensions or with our own hair, i think maybe we can try that every time wash hair, hair shoud be first soaked in the rice water ( Or hair shampoo) for a period of time to allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients, and then washed with warm water and combed to dry.

Pics from China Daily

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