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Why Hair Extensions is So popular among womens ?

If you’ve ever envied a celebrity’s gorgeous full hair, we hope you know by now they’re probably Hair extensions. It’s not your fault if you don’t have amazing hair waves.

What are the hair extensions ?
Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations.
They are used to not only add length; but also add volume of one’s hair
If you want to get hair extensions,make sure your hair length at least 4 inches long.

How to change your hair color ?

How to change your hair color ?

Are hair extensions made from synthetic hair or 100 percent natural human hair?
They can be made of natural human hair or synthetic hair.
Natural human hair are the best quality ,with hair cuticle preserved and all hair runs in one direction, giving it the most natural hair look and silky smooth hand feeling.
If you are tight on your budget, then it’s a good choice to select synthetic hair extensions
Though they are not great for heat styling and tangle quite easily, synthetic extensions are good for anyone who wants a temporary change in style. They also do not require as much maintenance on your part as natural hair extensions do.

Hair stylist and hair extension specialist often says “A hairstyle is really an important for people , it can make you more Stunning , it can make you more worse ”

So you know how important when you selecting extensions.


What hair extensions should I select ?
It depends on you . You can apply with braided hair method , glued hair method or woven hair method, or if you only want them temporarily only, you can clip them in as well.

How will the extensions be applied and removed?
it’s depend on hair extension method.

Can you choose from a variety of weights ?

Can I choose from a variety of colors ?
yes,Hair Extensions come in all kinds of colors, you can match your current hair color easily or add a highlighting or lowlighting effect, you can play with colors and fill in spots where you need.

What’s should avoid when use hair extensions ?
Make sure hair extensions and pieces that are not heavier than your own hair.
If Hair extensions are too heavy, it will give pressure to your own hair.

How much are Human hair extensions ?
The bad news: Hair extensions aren’t cheap.
Depending on which hair extension method you would like , what length you want to reach and the grade of hair extension you use, the hair extension cost can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars.
For example, Cheap Tape in hair extension retail $30 / Cheap clip-Ins around $50, whereas celebrities pay upward of $4,500 for extensions.
Looking for Cheaper Hair Extensions , you can select from Hair Factory Directly. It can save you much money.

Where should I apply Hair Extensions ?
Use a hair designer or extensionist or the hair specialist who will apply your extensions, No matter what title he or she uses, be sure they are experienced.
They know how to removed hair extensions and how to minimized damage to your natural hair.

Are you worry about Hair extensions Care is very difficult work ?
Not really, you just need to keep one thing in mind — you should spend for an hour at the salon every six weeks.

Caring for your hair extensions
Human hair extensions can be treated as real hair, but more gently.
Use a special brush (often a loop brush) made just for extensions so you don’t damage the new hair or the bond.
A gentle shampoo is recommended, and use cool water to help minimize tangles.
A light conditioner will help reduce tangling and keep your new hair supple.
Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid bed-head and knots.
Often use Olive Oil to your hair ends .

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